Scuba Diving in Zanzibar

Imagine the impossible allure of Paje Beach slapping your fully sounded arrogance: The Diving Spots. viewed from the beach 1000 yards away across the coral with the swell peeling lazily through the light morning breeze.

Imagine diving in turquoise lagoons,just infront of coastal swahili buildings made of coral stones hundreds of years ago,where decibels seem seemingly in the triple digits with the feeling of an actual sonic salvation.

Imagine diving some of East Africa’s best diving sites. From peaceful gentle lagoon dives to the more challenging off shore blue wall reef site for the adventurous deep diver. Or any of the other offshore reef sites that are well-mapped and documented by the award winning PADI 5 STAR Career Development Centre Buccaneer Diving.

Imagine coming out of that water into a Swahili sea-food dinner of fish with coconut sauce, Pilau rice with spices,grilled juicy veggie kebabs with herbs and garlic, and cold passion mojito cocktails. Enjoying the sunset on the beach after great diving, while the fishermen lounge and talk in the Swahili language of today’s arrival of a couple of mammoth-sized whale sharks

Imagine. At Drifters Backpackers we can help you organize any type of diving. Including a free pool trial for those who have never tried it before. you can be assured that any activity with Buccaneer Diving will be fun and safe.